Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. Robert Bosch founded the company in Stuttgart in 1886. Bosch has been present in Malaysia since 1923, with offices located in Selangor and Penang. In Malaysia, the company has a diverse range of business activities which ranges from business in mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy to building technology.

This company's major shareholder has been Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH since 1964, a charitable foundation. The foundation is one that pursues its objectives both with programs and institutions of its own. Also, by supporting suitable projects and initiatives proposed by others, Bosch can tackle the tasks faced by society.

Bosch Group is a global supplier of technology and services. As of December 31st, 2018, It employs about 410,000 workers. It generated sales of 78.5 billion euros in 2018.

In 2016 the company invested over 120 million euros for the implementation of its localization strategy. Consequentially, this enabled the development of products and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the South Asian region.

Bosch has three manufacturing arms in Penang, providing car multimedia systems, power tools, and automotive steering.The Bosch group consists of several different brands adapted to the various market requirements, and whose products and services are also designed to improve quality of life. The Brands of Bosch include:

  • Bosch invented for life
  • Bosch service
  • Bosch diesel center
  • Dremel
  • Dynacord
  • Electro-voice
  • Freud
  • Rexroth
  • Sia abrasives

Bosch supplies spare parts of the highest quality and durability as well as innovative technology. These parts are passed through several screening processes before they are serially produced and sold to the public to ensure they meet the strict quality requirements of Bosch.

The products of Bosch include;

  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Filters
  • Horns
  • Lights
  • Spark Plugs
  • Wipers
  • Lubricants
  • Services

These components provided by Bosch makes driving safer a possibility. They also make driving more relaxed and more eco-friendly.

In 2017 Bosch received the prestigious “Friend of ASEAN" award at the ASEAN business awards. The award acknowledges Bosch's social and economic contribution to Southeast Asia. Bosch was also awarded the "Friend of Asian" accolade for breaking barriers and for its remarkable socio-economic impact in Southeast Asia.

For Bosch, group sustainability means securing the company's long-term success while protecting the natural environment for future generations. The company improves the quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and sparks enthusiasm. In short, Bosch creates technology that is "invented for life."