MEYLE is a German automotive company, founded in 1958. Originally an automotive exporting company, Meyle has evolved into a manufacturing company with its production facilities and has its very own brand. Wulf Gaertner founded it. With the main headquarter located in Hamburg, Meyle is a significant company in the automotive industry in Germany and Europe. It has staffs of nearly 500 at the Hamburg headquarters alone. The company has invested 40million Euros in expanding its Hamburg headquarters and boasts of a storage capacity of 29,000 square meters.

Initially a one-person operation, Meyle has been in existence for 60 years and has grown continuously. It now has branches located in 120 countries, and its products sold worldwide.

In 1995 the MEYLE brand was acquired, and a few years later Meyle production facilities were opened. In the year 2000, Meyle launched the MYELE-HD product range.

Myele offers a wide range of products ranging from spare parts for passenger cars, spare parts for vans to spare parts for trucks. The Meyle brand supplies customers with more than 24,000 proven to be reliable and durable spare parts. Production facilities owned by Meyle and other trusted production partners manufacture these spare parts. Meyle boasts of a highly wide product range. Auto electronics or sensing technology, rubber-to-metal parts, damping components, filters, and cooling systems are some of the products of Meyle. This company is also synonymous with top-grade quality-tested spare parts.

Other well-known popular product of Meyle includes:

  • pre-compressed bushing and a developed tool especially for the selective repair of BMW rear control arm
  • aftermarket repair solution, which cost one-tenth compared to replacing the two OE control arms
  • Meyle offers an economical and ecological alternative to replacing the complete BMW rear axle.

Meyle has been able to assert itself against many competitors, which includes well-known OE and aftermarket manufacturers.

In 2018 the award for Innovation in the repair & maintenance category in Frankfurt was won by Meyle. The award honors particularly progressive and forward-looking innovations in the automotive industry.

Meyle has featured in magazines such as CAT magazine, the Engine Builder, the Brake report magazine, and others.

As a European company, Meyle presence in the automotive industry is felt in Europe. Looking back on 60 years, DR. Karl J. Gaertner said," a lot has happened over the past 60 years, and we are incredibly proud of our ongoing, positive development. That's because the values that my uncle Wulf Gaertner established at the company are still present to this day. His credo formed the basis for our daily activities and long-lasting partnerships. Also, that's something you can again feel in all areas. We aim to support the independent aftermarket with better parts and solutions, reliable as a friend."