Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?

    We are automotive car parts traders. Focusing mainly on volvo automotive passenger car parts since the 70s. In 2008 we decided to move into Volkswagen group car parts that also include Audi and Porsche. Our priority of parts stocking requirement are as the above specified brand sequence.

  • Do we carry everything?

    It is impossible with scare resources. We will stock those as per mainstream demand and those not available we shall quote customer together with the lead time.

  • What are the brands available?

    We have originals/genuine as well as OEM (Original Equipment manufacture) and also alternative brands. NO fake. There are plentiful fake parts out there that look similar and way cheaper. We do not wish to engage in such activities. Customer need to be careful

  • What is OEM?

    It is the same manufacturer as the genuine parts. The manufacturer can also sell these parts as their own brand but without the use of the logo of the car make. Therefore cheaper. The quality rightfully is the same but there isn’t any details to specify the quality content.

  • What is alternative brands?

    Theses are companies that produce parts using similar specification that of the genuine. These parts are generally cheaper.

  • Warranty

    For genuine parts we cannot provide warranty. Warranty of the genuine part has to be installed/fixed by the car maker approved mechanics and at their dealer facilities. The genuine parts we purchased over their counter do not come with warranty too.

  • OEM warranty

    Depends on the nature of the parts. For example. Electrical parts once purchased are not allowed to be returned. This is due to electronic items are sensitive to faults arising from other electronic faults, like a short circuit wiring system. Installing a new electronic part may continue cause the same damage. Therefore the onus is on the mechanic to make sure the fault is accurately identified.

  • Other form of warranty

    Generally, we provide 30 days warranty on certain items. Some brands have global warranty policy and some local policy. We DO NOT provide no question asked return policy. We will need to investigate why the fault. For example, a suspected lower arm suspension sound still exist after the change of a new lower arm. The sound could come from other faults like for example a worn out stabilizer link rods or anti roll bar bush cracks. Our parts are not sold for testing. The customer must accurately identify where is the fault. We are selling what the customer requires. If a part is indeed faulty, we shall send it back to the supplier for checks and if there is really a product fault, we will replace them within the 30days period. Some items which is difficult to quantify, we will require the customer to repeat the purchase and they “faulty” parts will be sent for claims. We will reimburse the second purchase once the claim is successful. We will definitely try out best to help customer.

  • Do u help to install?

    No we do not. However we will definitely be more than happy to assist customers and will recommend a workshop that is convenient to the customer.

  • Delivery and shipping

    You do not need to come over if you do not want to. Call us up/email/whaaps us at the contact box. Once a part is identified, available and price agreed, the customer shall pay up and provide payment details. We shall then discuss with customer the best way to reach them. It all depends where customer stays, how fast they need and the mode of transport. There are plenty of options available.

  • How good are we?

    We can only try our best. Give us a try.

  • Are we technical people?

    We are not. We may have the experience accumulated over the years of selling the type of parts in relation to a fault. New cars keep coming in and we are still learning. Technical issues are best left to the mechanics. A good diagnostic software and an experience mechanic will tell what is required. Hopefully with all good details, we can find a match. A successful transaction depends greatly on communication between all parties. It Is best to always call us up and tell us your problem. We try our best to be a SOLUTION PROVIDER, instead of just parts seller.