Professional Parts Sweden, otherwise known as Proparts, is an automotive company located in Sweden. Initially established in Stockholm Sweden but now has its headquarter in Norsborg Sweden. It operates as a subsidiary of Indutrade AB (publ) as of June 16, 2015, and has branches in many parts of the world such as the United States and Taipei in Taiwan.

It is well known to give excellent customer service and has a willingness to adapt to ever-changing customer needs. As a result of this, Proparts has remained a business that is continuously growing. Proparts is also well known for sticking to quality standards and providing parts that are durable and reliable.

 The products of the company include parts for individuals, car manufacturers, dealerships, garages, and distributors. It is a well-known global supplier of quality replacement parts for SAAB and Volvo.

Some popular Proparts products categories include brakes system, electrical system, chassis, engine control, engine parts, exhaust pipes, filters, headlights, ignition system, suspension parts, wiper equipment, and others.

For damages, like in accidents to vehicle body parts such as bumpers, fenders, and mirrors. Proparts provides these products for car models such as Peugeot, Nisan, Volvo, and others. 

Proparts has acquired AAA credit rating as a joint-stock company, which is the highest rating a company can get. This rating requires a company to have an annual turnover of over 2 million, must have been in the business for at least ten years. Also, must have critical figures that are key significantly above the industrial average.

In 2013 and 2014 was awarded the Di Gasell. The award is given yearly to companies that show significant and consistent growth over a prolonged period.

Proparts have featured in the Veckans Affarer magazine.

Also, Proparts values their customers and is widely known to adapt its business to serve them in the best way possible. Because of this, Proparts has remained a business with never-ending possibilities and is continually growing.